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Republished from PrimalPooch (https://primalpooch.com/raw-feeding-resources/) with permission, and content updated for South Africa.

There is a very large and diverse base of resources available on the internet today for the new and established raw fooding pet parents. While we strive to cover the basics and expand where necessary throughout the blog and FAQ sections of our site, we do not have all the answers. We encourage you to educate yourself on the topic, you can so so by reading and learning as much as you can from multiple sources, on the topic of real fooding. We strongly recommend that you question conventional wisdom, and using common sense, come to your own conclusions.

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Raw Feeding Informational Websites and Blogs

Veterinarians Blogs that supports Raw Fooding

The blogs we have listed here, are run by licensed vets (some practising and some retired) that support real fooding, raw diets, and natural health and healing for dogs and cats.

Raw Feeding Websites and Blogs

Blogs and websites we follow:

Original Raw Feeding Websites

A small selection of the original Raw Feeding Websites (some no longer being updated).

Raw Feeding and Natural Health Facebook Groups

Raw feeding Facebook groups can be insightful. It also assist pet parents and guardians that that need quick advice and / or support. As a social media platform, Facebook allows for quick response if the community or group is active..

General and Local

Raw Feeding Books

Nothing beats the feel of a book in hand (or Kindle). While there are many books available in various formats to pet parents today, many complicate the concept of fooding. The books we have listed, keep it simple and make the concept understandable.

Youtube Channels

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Fooding Guidelines and Calculators

Maintaining a healthy pet requires constant monitoring, as all of the maths and science available to us as pet parents only provide you with a crude guideline to estimate their daily consumption or fooding needs. Their needs, just as ours, change over time. It is therefore extremely important that you will need to remember to observe and adjust their daily allowances to keep it in a healthy, moderate body condition score.

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Biologically species Appropriate Raw and Real Food for Cats and Dogs

Kratom for Pets

Toxic or Healthful? Mitragyna Speciosa (see: Wikipedia), which is commonly called as Kratom​1​ , from the coffee family, is a tropical herb that grows predominantly

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Biologically species Appropriate Raw and Real Food for Cats and Dogs

Mushrooms for Cats and Dogs

Pixie Dust or Healthful? There are countless studies of vitamins, minerals and “super” foods that are filled with antioxidants marketed as great immunity boosters for

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Biologically species Appropriate Raw and Real Food for Cats and Dogs

The Endocannabinoid System …

What is the endocannabinoid system and how does it work? A beginner’s guide Republished with permission from Sensi Seeds. Original article by Scarlet Palmer, published

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