What is Really in that McKibble or McCan?

Many pet parents and guardians have been convinced that the “healthy”, “natural”, “premium” and “recommended by” labels on pet feed MUST mean that the stuff inside the bag is good for your fur kids. Alongside these words, we often find claims of 100% “complete and balanced” that leave us to assume we are providing the best food for our dogs and cats;- feeding the same dry cereal based diets day in and day out. Yet, most pet parents and guardians do not fully appreciate what goes into these feeds, even their own food. BigPetFood place images of fresh cut chicken breast, fresh fruits and vegetables and wholesome grains on their packages, but, this is rarely what is actually inside the bag.

Don’t be Label Fooled ..

A new trend in kibble is “natural”, or “real” or “fresh” ingredients. Kibble is still kibble, and still based on a dry matter base. In keeping with labelling requirements, these ingredients are listed by weight, but “real” chicken contains water! And when it becomes dry, it no longer represent the “chicken” in the feed, as the rest of the non-animal proteins are now the primary ingredients. We discuss this trend in greater details.

Behaviour Modification versus Training

Often, pet parents will spend gobs of money trying to get their pups to behave in the fashion that they desire only to find out that they really should have sought the assistance of a professional canine behaviourist! There is a difference between Trainers and Behaviourists, not all problems require retraining your pet. Before contracting with any animal professional you should understand exactly what each one does to help fur kids.

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